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Westlake Floating Homes and Houseboats for Sale

Westlake sits on the western shore of Lake Union and is home to 66 floating homes spread across 8 docks. Most notably, the Sleepless in Seattle floating home is located in Westlake. What people love about Westlake is the ease of access to South Lake Union and Fremont either by car or also by foot or bike via the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop. Westlake (like Portage Bay) is great if you’re a morning person and want to catch the sunrise.

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Westlake Floating Home Docks

(Ordered from north to south)

Dock nameAddress# of docks# of floating homesType
Pettus Cove2812 Westlake N13Condo
Old Boathouse2770 Westlake Ave N110 
Bonny Hines2768 Westlake Ave N11 
Westlake Cove2764 Westlake Ave N
2766 Westlake Ave N
Nesika Chuck2466 Westlake Ave N17 
2460 Inc2460 Westlake Ave N
2466 Westlake Ave N
Twenty-4-twenty2420 Westlake Ave N115